Classic Games For Smartphones

You can play this mobile card game either by yourself or with other people. For the single player mode, you can do the daily challenge that changes every five hours, the solo quest which is the main single player experience, skirmish, and pass and play, which is actually multiplayer but on the same device. That’s a lot. We haven’t even mentioned the online multiplayer mode. This game packs a Playscore of 8.37 18. Tic Tactics Hidden Variable Studios brings us a clever twist to the classic game of Tic Tac Toe. Like the classic game, you must form three of your symbols in a row. Where Tic Tactics changes things up is now, not only do you have to win in the 3×3 board once, you have to also form your winning boards three in a row in the bigger 9×9 board. This tactical twist to tic tac toe has a Playscore of 8.4. 17. Hades’ Star If you are a lover of all things extraterrestrial, then you will surely love this strategy game from Parallel Space Inc.

Set in the newly discovered Hades Galaxy, you are an owner of a fleet tasked to conquer planets, gather valuable resources, build space stations, cultivate your economy, and defend yourself from the dangers of the star systems. This game’s multiplayer mode is more focused on coordination with other players as you face the mysterious Cerberus forces. This out-of-this-world game has a Playscore of 8.4 16. Heavenstrike Rivals – A Monster Tactical TCG! In this Tactical Card Game from Square Enix, you are on the quest to prevent the world from being overrun by evil monsters. You summon characters to fight for you by using your pot of energy. After you have deployed your characters, there is no way for you to directly control tem so you really have to think about how they will move after you have placed them. This is where your organizing and strategic skills come in to play. This game receives a Playscore of 8.4 15. Earthcore: Shattered Elements – Epic Card Battle Game At its core, this game is a battle system.

As the title suggests, the battles are built around elements: Earth beats Water, Water beats Fire, Fire Beats Earth, and all three beat dust. It’s easy enough so beginners can have an easy access to this game. What makes this game different from other card games is that it uses a Risk system instead of the standard Attack/Health system. Each card can only fight once for each round. If it wins, it goes back to your hand, if it loses, it gets discarded. This beautiful and clever game has a Playscore of 8.4 14. Really Bad Chess This is not your usual run of the mill Chess game. Instead of the usual line up you see in a typical chess game, you get, instead 2 queens, 4 rooks, 6 pawns or even 8 knights. The pieces are different for each game — you don’t even get the same pieces with your opponent. In the beginning, your pieces are more powerful than the AI’s pieces.