Bruce, what are we doing today alright? So we’re starting season five and Overwatch yeah, and we’re going to try and get better at the video game in competitive How’d everyone do last season I ended diamond. I think I ended gold whole thing I curled up in a ball and cried whoo Yes, well, I think our goal Here is do a create some first exclusive content and be be the best We can be while remaining positive.

Yeah, is that I think that poor DEv and supportive constructible. Yeah, positive it supportive I got himself never mind. I got true teamwork. Sorry. I’m going to now much work for that.

We’re getting fuck, okay, watch the ripe old bean I Am incumbent cover look at Weston. Yeah. Come on. Good work again. Just standing right here Let me make sure I got a some kind of mic.

Maybe did not talk quietly look How this looks really good hair. I like your hair Mercy when I fill up oh my God represent that whoa by the pointer no I guess yeah Good yeah, I’m lucky on this side Cowboy it’s hard to get go ahead and route it over watch. Maybe four first match of the first episode They’re all right. Oh there it is oh That’s it for them wow Please get some mercy. I’m trying but got hurt there We go you guys got to get on point you got to get on point so beauty of each oh What’s the road okay fine? Strangely I want that help that we’re not very good at this game.

Nope All right, they all win the hole. They all have a hole good job. What’s the reaper bruce?

I got you. I got you. Oh. Thank you for protecting me.

I’ve never having these out here We still alive a lot to ask. We’re Gonna go hahahaha good Night my positive mental attitude am and clearly positivity is all you can win and also talking nonstop new learn oh shit, right, right Yeah team Kill You guys on the other side now what they remember. Do you support it? Oh, oh?

oh, oh Oh that out of his beautiful. Thank you ox you lizzy. Oh, Jesus Christ woo hail To the river could jump me along seasons these aren’t being very positive. We will we will win as a team One Day I guarantee welcome to season five Wow, that trailer looked amazing and that was only the first three episodes at least clips of it We did an entire first series which you can check out at And signing up becoming first member and see all eight episodes as they air and then also these jerseys are Serving as a promotional vehicle and really just a way to sell it, but don’t tell your mom sign up for first today Did we hit the time limit yet? Or do I have to keep pretending to be a happy-Go-lucky fucking 22 year old?