Skill-Based Slot Machines From Gamblit Gaming

In this article I visit the 2015 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, which is one of the world’s largest trade shows for the casino gaming industry. At this show, which is held in late September each year, gaming manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world display their latest products and technologies to casino executives. It’S a great show to attend, because visitors can try out all the newest machines before they’re available to the general public plus. There are many celebrity appearances and other fun events In this segment. I speak with darian Lowenstein, who is the chief marketing officer at gambit gaming.

His company offers skill-based gambling games in the UK and we discuss his plans to introduce them into Nevada casinos by early 2016, I’m here with darian lowenstein, who is the chief marketing officer for gamblit gaming Darian, thanks very much for having us here today. Thank you for being here Now. Can you explain how long give us some background on your company, how long you’ve been in business and exactly what you do Yeah? We were started five years ago when our CEO Eric saw a huge opportunity in the casino space to make games that were fun and attractive for Millennials. You know one of the largest demographic that come on to casino floors.

They’Re there to dance to party to go to nightclubs, have great food, but yet they don’t engage in gambling and that’s why we’re here, we’ve got arcade style, social casual games that appeal to a younger demographic. Alright, and now you have. These are games that are already legal in the UK. People can go into the Apple Store and download these games in the UK and play for money Exactly so we have. Six games are live in the UK right now, so you’d go onto your iPhone or iPod. Download sign up for an account we go through.

You know, verification make sure your legal age that you’re not a problem gambler once you’re approved. You can wager right there on your phone, so most of the games, we’re showing here actually are being tested by tens of thousands of consumers being played, we’re getting feedback and then we’re taking improvements and putting those into our land-based versions. Alright and the state of Nevada. Just a couple of weeks ago, they approved a regulation now to have skill based gaming, so this is a new generation of games that they’re going to allow in the casino, and your idea is to take. These are games that you already have in England that are approved there in the UK for legalized gambling purposes and put them in land-based casinos in the us Yeah exactly so that’s the great thing about them already going through GLI approval and being reviewed, everything is, it Makes it a lot easier to go to the regulation process of getting them here out into the us-? Skill is obviously a huge topic right now and it’s one that we took very seriously.

We made our games from the ground up, so they follow regulations in the UK and Nevada New Jersey’ they’re legal today by using our own skill currency reward system that we fund and then, as SB9 comes through, and we have you know all the regulations are set For skill gaming, we can modify our games to give a higher return and to sort of work with that bill. Alright, can we take a look now take a look at the six games that are legal in the UK and then how you’re going to modify this or if these are actually the games you’re going to offer in the US Alright. So I’m gon na start with showing a game called Dreadnought and it’s one of the first games that we launched gameplay wanted to keep it really simple, really straightforward, show off the wagering mechanic and show off the skill portion. So I’m gon na start here by moving my space ships around and trying to make it so that the other player in this case it is a computer. However, it could be a human has a hard time getting my ships. This is obviously a very clear wagering mechanic.

You know. Obviously slot reels, so you know a player who’s more accustomed to slots games would immediately understand it. Alright, so I’ll spin.

Alright, I won some credits and I won 2 shots. So I’m gon na take a shot here at the enemy and see if I can hit some of the ships. Alright lucky first hit alright. So that’s a skill portion so right there. If I had got two hits on the enemy, I probably would have won more G bits right now.

You can see my G bits are 2885, and that is our skill currency. That is our direct award for how well you play the game versus the spin. This is a set return to player slot machine math that determines whether you’re gon na win or lose money. Ok, now these G bits. What can you do with the G bits? It’S as a player when you get them So as a player right now live in UK, you can basically go forth and play a game called cash pop, and you use your G bits as sort of a ticket entry into playing cash pop, and it’s like a Cash sweepstakes games, so you can pop balloons and you can win 10.

20. 500 pounds at a time On a casino floor. It’S gon na be like a player rewards system where you can win different incentives at the casino that you’re at once. We launched our hardware in in Q2 on casino floors.

That plan will be officially rolled out. Alright, so you’re trying to get these into US. Well, Nevada, casinos in early 2016 Yeah we’re looking at Q2 2016 on floors in Nevada and I’ll show you one of our other fun games. So this game is called smoothie blast.

So this game is basically a match, 3 game. So it’s pretty simple. You match fruit and you try to fill the blender and the little monkey there he’s helping you along and he’s gon na help. Blenderize, that’s gon na run a wager and that’s going to determine the type of fruit you put in is gon na determine how many credits you win and the amount of skill currency you get back So much like any match. 3 game.

You know if I can match multiple chains of fruit. At the same time, I’m gon na get a higher skill reward and win more Gbits, and every time the blender fills it runs a wager. Ok and again, these actual games. We’Re watching now are the ones that you want to try and put into the US land based casinos in Nevada, Yeah, exactly And hopefully, if other states legalize it, then you would move them into other states. So the great thing about the way these games are designed. Now, they’re, actually legal in every state, for the way that we’ve integrated skill, because skill is the G bits and we fund that prize pool ourselves, they’re legal in all territories.

Basically they don’t use any aspects of SB nine, yet that make them specific to Nevada. Now, in the future of these, do you see skill being a a bigger part of this and then and and how would it affect if someone comes up to this game and they’re not skilled at this fruit game, as opposed to someone who’s played it many times, Would there be a difference in the payback percentage for those two players? Absolutely you know, as we get closer to our launch, we’ll definitely be modifying the games for a direct skill reward and in that territory, as it’s, obviously as its fully legal, and I think skill reward is something that especially Millennials really want right. Skill reward is something they’re used to with the games they play on the Xbox or Playstation their mobile phone, and I think it’s something they’re gon na look for on the casino floor and I think it’s one of the reasons they don’t play slot machines. You know that’s the reason I don’t play slot machines, I’m a millennial. I get really bored with sitting there and hitting a button over and over something that has some type of skill rewards.

Something that has some interaction, is something I’m gonna be interested in playing. Ok, Darian Lowenstein with Gamblit gaming thanks very much for spending time with us today. Thank you guys for being here.