The Five Best Bets in the Game of Craps with Syndicated Gambling Writer John Grochowski

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Writer John Grochowski, who is also the author of six books on casino gambling, gives details on the five best bets that can be made in the game of craps And now here’s john Grochowski. When we talk about the best bets in craps, we’re really talking about the best commonly available bets, Sometimes somebody will offer a bet, that’s better than some of the ones that were listed here. There was a time, for example, that I saw a casino on the field paid 3-1 on both two and 12, which is a no house edge.

Bet. I’Ve never seen it again, but we’re not going to list bets like that. That’Re just available short term one or two places We’re talking about the best commonly available bets in craps and the best commonly available bets in craps are all multi-roll bets fit. If the bet’s decided in one roll, it’s probably going to have a higher house edge than some of these. So with that little bit of a warning here, the number five best but in craps, is buying the 4 or buying the 10. They work just like place bets the buy bet.

That means that you’re betting, that your number will be rolled by the shooter before the shooter rolls a seven and normally you would not want to place the 4 or the 10. It’S a bad bet with a house edge of 6.67 percent But buy bats, are an opportunity. You give the house a five percent commission in exchange for getting paid at true odds. If you win In this case, it will be a 2-1 payoff on 4 or 10 On other place bets. We don’t look at paying that five percent commission, because the house edge already is lower than 5 percent.

It makes no sense to pay a five percent commission when you’re already getting a better deal, however buying the 4 or 10. With that 6.67 percent house edge. It does lower the house edge not really enough. If the house is collecting a commission on every bet, it lowers it then only to 4 percent. That’S still too high. In my book i wan na talk about bets here with house edges of 2 percent or lower.

If the house takes the Commission only on winning bets, then buying the 4 or the 10 has a house edge. That’S all the way down 1.67 percent Under two percent, it’s one of the better bets in the casino and it is number five our list of the best craps bets Number four on our list of the best craps bets is placing the six or placing the eight. These are among the most commonly made bets at craps, You’re betting, that the shooter will roll a 6 or roll an 8 before he rolls a 7 Now in craps, sixes and eights are the second most commonly rolled numbers. 7 is the most commonly rolled number. There are six ways to roll a seven. There are five ways to roll a 6.

There are five ways to roll an 8, so the odds are 6-5 against your place. Bet winning the house pays. You 7-6, that’s not quite true odds, but it’s not bad. It’S a house edge of 1.52 percent, making placing the six or placing the 8 number four on our list. The best craps bets Number three on our list of the best casino bets are pass and come we’re going to group them together. They’Re really the same bet.

They’Re just made at different times in the case of the pass line bet, the sequence starts with the come out: roll on the come out roll. If the shooter rolls a seven or 11, you win. If the shooter rolls a 2 3 or 12, that’s craps and you lose, There are eight ways to win and four ways to lose.

So the shooter that that the bettor who bets the pass line has the edge on the come out roll. If any number other number is rolled, four, five or six or an 8, 9 or 10, that becomes the point number and what you are rooting for the shooter to do is to roll that point number again before he rolls a seven if he does roll the Point number again: then: you win if the shooter rolls a 7 first before rolling the point number, then you lose The overall house edge on this is 1.41 percent. One of the better bets in the casino Come bets work exactly the same way, except that you don’t have to wait for it to be a come out roll you can make the come bet on any roll. It’S just that the first roll becomes the equivalent of a come out roll for your bets, so at 1.41 percent pass and come are the third best bets at the craps table.

Number two on our list of best casino bets is don’t pass and don’t come. In essence, you’re betting against the shooter in this one you’re betting against the shooter, making a point number on the come out roll. If the shooter rolls a two or three you win.

If the shooter rolls a12, you push and that’s important because that’s where the house edge comes from, if the shooter rolls seven or 11, you lose So that’s kind of the opposite of the pass line bet, except for that little provision about the 12 and the push. Instead of a win or loss, if any other number is rolled, that becomes the point number just like on pass and come, except here you win if the shooter rolls a 7 first, If the shooter rolls a 7, you win. If the shooter rolls the point number before rolling a 7, then you lose Don’t come is the same as don’t pass, except the sequence doesn’t start on the come out: roll whatever the next roll is becomes the equivalent to come out for your don’t pass bet The House edge here is only 1.36 percent, so that’s one of the better bets in the casino it’s better than the pass line by of a few tenths or a few hundredths of a percent. Still, most players really prefer to make pass and come bets because they’re betting, with the shooter there they’re playing together there’s a camaraderie at the craps table.

When you hear a big cheer coming from the area of the craps table, chances are. The shooter has just made a point, but don’t pass and don’t come bettors. There are fewer of them. They’Re kinda, playing on their own they’re, getting a marginally better deal than on pass and come. But the camaraderie aspect isn’t as much a part of the game for them. Nonetheless, with a 1.36 percent house edge, don’t pass or don’t come is the second best bet at the craps table, And the best bet at the craps table is one you can’t really make.

Unless you’re betting pass or don’t pass or come or don’t come and that’s the free odds, the free odds enable you to back your pass or come bet or your don’t pass or don’t come bet with a second wager that is paid at true odds. For example, if you are betting on pass – and the point number is six, then the odds against the shooter rolling a six before he rolls a 7 are 6-5, so your winning free odds bet that’s backing your pass line. Wager would be paid at 6-5 odds If you’re betting, but don’t pass side, then it’s kind of the opposite its so that your laying the odds and you’re spotting the house, the 6-5 odds instead so you’re betting, six dollars to win five dollars instead of five dollars To win six dollars, If we’re talking in terms of approximately five dollar bets, what the combination of the pass line, plus free odds, does or don’t pass, and laying the odds is that it lowers the overall house edge on the combination with the pass line. Your basic house edge is 1.41 percent on the house edge. If you get single odd, which means that you are betting, the same amount on free odds as you are on the pass line that lowers the house edge on the combination to 0.8 percent At double odds where you’re betting double in free odds.

What you did on the pass line that house edge on the combination drops all the way to 0.6 percent at 10 times odds if you’re permitted to bet 10 times the amount, as you had on the pass line that drops all the way to 0.2 percent and At a hundred times, odds and some casinos do offer 100 times odds that drops to 0.02 percent. It’S practically no house edge at all, there’s always a house edge on the amount that you have on the pass line, but the free odds themselves have no house edge. You’Re being paid at true odds, what this means for the better is that your best play, if you can afford to make the free odds, is to bet the table minimum on the pass line and then make up the rest of your normal betting amount in the Free odds, you want most of your wager at the point where there’s the least house edge and that’s the zero percent house edge on the free odds. So the free odds are as good a deal as you’re going to get in the casino. On the don’t side, laying the odds leaves you, with a slightly lower house edge with don’t pass plus, laying the odds than with pass plus odds, just as the don’t pass house edge is just slightly lower than the pass house edge. It drops from 1.36 percent for the don’t pass by itself to 0.7 percent when you lay single odds: 0.5 percent with double odds: 0.1 percent with 10 times odds 0.01 percent with 100 times odds.

Again, that’s a very, very minimal house edge if you’re able to make larger odds bets For the high rollers. This is a very, very low house edge proposition and for that reason the odds with your taking the odds or laying the odds is the best bet at the craps table. If you wan na know more about me and my work, you can look for me at in a variety of magazines, including strictly slots, casino player, midwest gaming and travel southern gaming and destinations online at Casino City Times and, of course, every year in the American Casino guide: Don’t that you can see more of our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel just go to