Top 5 Best Online Slot Providers And Where To Find Them

Hello and today our top 5 list is about what we know best; where to find great slots. So, without any delay, let’s get straight to the top 5 slot game providers and where to find them. As always links to all the games and casinos mentioned can be found in the description. We’ll clarify beforehand, IGT haven’t got a single focus when it comes to their games. From pyramid slots, to branded slots and avalanche slots; IGT have done it all.

This is a double edged sword however as what you get is a slot maker with no specific style. You could play an IGT slot and not know it was by them. But on the other hand, you’d be having a great time anyway. IGT are the all rounder. They make great games that are enjoyed by literally millions around the world.

What they lack in identity they more than make up for in quality. You can find a majority of the IGT range at LadyLucks mobile casino. Only a few years ago, Quickspin would not have been on this list. They were making, what we’d kindly call, pretty average slots. We don’t know what happened at Quickspin, but whether it was by magic or divine inspiration, they really stepped up their game. Just last year, they hit us with instant classics like Razortooth, Second Strike and Big Bad Wolf.

They may not make the biggest or most innovative slots, but when it comes to pure excitement, not many can top Quickspin. We can only hope they don’t falter again and keep bringing out more exciting games. You can find all their latest and greatest hits at Leo Vegas. Microgaming are a powerhouse when it comes to pushing out slots. Not a month goes by that Microgaming doesn’t have several new games hitting the casinos. When it comes to their regular slots, Microgaming don’t offer quite the variety we’re used to.

But when it comes to progressive jackpot slots. No one can touch them. Microgaming have the most played jackpot slots in the world, with the biggest payments ever. Back in October 2015, Microgaming won the Guinness world record for largest online jackpot for giving out a staggering 17 million ,8 hundred and 79 thousand 645 euros and 12 cents to lucky winner Jon Heywood. If you want a great progressive jackpot experience with the potential to pay out BIG, then always search for that Microgaming logo. The ultimate Microgaming casino can be found at Bet365 casino.

Mfortune is the tiny in house developer that makes games exclusively for the casino of the same name. You may not have even heard of them. But somehow, even with this humble set up, they manage to attract 1.1million customers everyday. How do they do it? The games are the answer to that question. Each one is packed with exciting bonus rounds and feature a consistently charming cartoon art style.

Every game has a homemade feel to it and we mean that in the best way possible. If you want to play exclusive games, that include everything from Snakes and Ladders, to Red Riding Hood; then mFortune is the slot maker, and the casino, for you. NetEnt are, plain and simply, the Hollywood of slots. If there’s a big budget and highly anticipated slot game coming out, most likely, it’ll be NetEnt behind the wheel. However, you will find that NetEnt go one step further than their film industry comparison, by actually being original. NetEnt don’t copy anyone else.

Every new slot of theirs is back to the drawing board. They have about 15 big releases a year and each one is incomparable to the last. Including Dazzle Me, Spinata Grande and Glow, their selection from last year was easily the most diverse around. If you want something amazing, then look for NetEnt.

It’s as simple as that. The best place to find them is Reel Island Casino. One of the premiere NetEnt casinos.


So that’s our list of the top slot makers around. With a little luck, we’ve confirmed your feelings about certain slot providers, or introduced you to a few new ones. If you agreed with our picks, then why not give us a like. And if you liked this video, then check around our channel for more great videos all about gambling. We release a new video every Friday, so don’t forget to subscribe. See you next time.