What Are Wagering Requirements at Online Casinos?

Hi, I’m Renny and today we’re talking wagering requirements. It all starts here. Check it out! This casino is giving away 1,200 bucks.

Free. Just like that. All I gotta do is sign up, cash in and walk off into the sunset with my goods! Ch’ya RIGHT. Technically, casinos do give you the money they promised you with the bonus. But it’s a marketing strategy, not a burst of generosity.

That’s why casinos like casinoslots.co.nz have wagering requirements, also known as play-through requirements. So that players won’t just walk off with the bonus money. They need to stay at the casino and play the money a number of times before they can cash in any winnings. The wagering requirement is set to the advantage of the casinoslots.co.nz casino. In other words, you will most likely gamble your bonus money back into the casino’s ‘pocket’ before you even reached your wagering requirement.

Most likely. Let’s do the math! Cuz yay, math! If your casino awards you a $100 sign-up bonus, but they require you to wager it 20 times, you must play $2000, win or lose, before you can withdraw any winnings. Ya.

Try that on for size. But not every game counts the same toward meeting the wagering requirement. Slots usually count for 100%, meaning every dollar played is a dollar contributed to your wagering requirement.

Other games that require skill, like certain variations of roulette and blackjack, contribute exactly ZIP. Cheeky. As a rule, a wagering requirement of 50x or more is high, 30-40x is the industry standard and anything below that is a steal! SO GET ON THAT. NOW. Legit casinos like casinoslots.co.nz don’t hide this information.

You should find it easily, and most commonly in their terms and conditions. Read them carefully before deciding if a casino – and its bonus – are right for you. Then again, you can always sign up with a casinoslots.co.nz casino without taking the bonus, if the requirements are too steep.

Consider the types of games you play; there’s little to no reason for a Blackjack player to accept a bonus. But for Slots fans, a bonus makes a lot more sense. Head to our Casino Bonuses page at Online Casinos Canada to find out more about wagering requirements and other bonus conditions. And check out our in-depth casino reviews to gain some more knaledge. I’m Renny. See you next time for another video covering everything you, my awesomesauce Canucks, need to know about online casinos!